The Liberal-Wackos Ten Commandments

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The Liberal-Wackos Ten Commandments

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You asked for rules, so here they go.

1. ABSOLUTELY no EQ saga stuff. Nobody cares and there is a forum
where that type of discussion is appropriate: the EQblog;

2. There will be no posting of other members' identity or information:
doing so will result in immediate ban; (Edit 4/6/2005) This includes
posting of any private correspondence via Instant Messaging, Private
Messaging, Telephone, email, etc. without the public permission of
all parties participating in the conversation. Violation of this will also
result in an immediate ban.

3. No personal attacks or name calling (including in the signature).
Attack the ideas not the person who expresses them. (but you
can still bash Bush :D );

4. Always use your common sense.

5. Address the issue, stay on topic.

6. Realize that if you are out of control, the thread will be locked.

7. no EQ saga stuff

8. no EQ saga stuff

9. no EQ saga stuff

10. no EQ saga stuff
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