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New site rules

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It's time to revisit the rules for the site.

These rules are general guidelines. Admins and Mods may decide by consensus what actions to take at any time in response to unruly or troublesome folks. We may not enforce the rules all the time, but if and when actions become a problem, one will most likely hear from us. Bottom line is: Be nice to your fellow being, and use your common sense,.

1. No personal attacks or name calling (including in the signature).
Attack the ideas not the person who expresses them. (but you
can still bash Bush or Obama :D );

2. Please leave the racist crap for sites like Stormfront. If you want to
discuss issues of race or culture on a strictly philosophical basis, that
might be acceptable. We are not here to give you a platform for blatant
hate speech, nor do most of us care to read it. Please take it to a site
that would be more receptive to such speech.

3. There will be no posting of other members' identity information
(address, name, etc.), or correspondence intended to be private
(PMs, etc.) without all party's consent: doing so may result in
immediate ban;

4. Always use your common sense (hopefully we all have some).

5. Address the issue, stay on topic.

6. Realize that if you are out of control, the thread will be locked.

7. Always provide attribution for a quote or copied article. If it is from a
web page, always provide a link.

8. ABSOLUTELY no EQ saga stuff. If you don't know what we're talking
about, you don't want to know.
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